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Where is the Maghreb region located?

Where is the Maghreb region located : the Maghreb, the Great Maghreb, or even the Maghreb region, is a geographical area that includes a number of Arab countries in the north of the African continent, in addition to some Spanish lands in the region.

Where is the Maghreb region located?

Where is the Maghreb region located?

The Maghreb region is located in the far north of the continent of Africa, and it includes Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania and Tunisia, in addition to the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

The population of the countries of the region is 100 million, and they have a union known as the Maghreb Union, which was established in 1989 to encourage the union of the countries of the region, but it did not last long because of the problems between Morocco and Algeria over the issue of Western Sahara.

Because of its location near the Mediterranean Sea, the climate is Mediterranean in the northern part of the region, while the climate is desert and dry in the south, where a large area of ​​the Sahara Desert dominates the region.

Religion and culture

The majority of the population of the Maghreb are Arabs and Berbers, and they speak Arabic and Berber, and most of them are Sunni Islam.

It is believed that the Berbers constitute more than 60 percent of the region's population, while the rest are Arabs, French and Jews.

As a result of the large wave of immigration they made to Israel in the middle of the last century, Jews no longer constitute the same percentage that they were before World War I.

Before the ninth century AD, Christianity was the dominant religion among the population, but the vast majority of them converted to Islam with the beginning of the conquests.

The indigenous people of the region, the Berbers, participated greatly in the expansion of conquests in the region, especially towards the European territories of the Iberian Peninsula.

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