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The 10 largest wheat exporters in the world

Wheat is a genus of herbaceous plants, mostly annuals, of the cereal family, one of the leading grain crops throughout the world.

The 10 largest wheat exporters in the world

History and distribution

Wheat is one of the very first crops that man learned to cultivate. It was grown by all ancient civilizations. As you know, in ancient Egypt and China, it began to be used as early as 4000 BC. In ancient Greece, wheat began to grow 5-6 thousand years ago. By the beginning of our era, the plant was widespread throughout Asia and Africa.

Interesting Facts

Wheat starch is used to strengthen paper.

Wheat germs are part of cosmetic oils that promote skin rejuvenation and are used to treat cellulite.

For breakfast, Catherine II spoiled herself with sprouted wheat cookies to keep her skin youthful and elastic.


Flour obtained from wheat grains is used to make bread, pasta and confectionery, cereals. Wheat is also a fodder crop and is used to make beer and vodka. By mixing flour with water or other liquid, adding sourdough and various substances to give a special flavor, bread is obtained.

Wheat protein contains a substance that enhances the taste, in Japan it is added to soy sauce. So-called "instant" dishes are prepared from wheat flour - cereals, high-protein breakfast cereals. Sprouted wheat has the most useful properties. Not all grains are suitable for sprouting, so it is better to buy specially prepared wheat in pharmacies or stores. The grains must be soaked in water for a couple of days, then covered with a damp cloth for several days. Before use, scald with boiling water, store in the refrigerator for no more than 48 hours. Fruit and vegetable salads are prepared from wheat sprouts or eaten as an independent dish.


Preparations from wheat are prescribed to patients with various forms of dystrophy. The crumb of wheat bread is used for resorption of tumors, the fastest maturation of abscesses. Wheat bran is an effective tool for weight loss. Sprouted wheat normalizes metabolism, cleanses the intestinal microflora. With diseases of the respiratory system and cough, a decoction of bran helps.


The composition of wheat grain includes: starch and other carbohydrates (50-60%), proteins (from 10% to 20%), vegetable fats. Grains contain a complex of vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C) and minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium).

Calorie content and nutritional value of wheat

Caloric content of wheat - 339 kcal.

Nutritional value of wheat: proteins - 13.68 g, fats - 2.47 g, carbohydrates - 71.13 g

The volume of global production of wheat is estimated at about 780 million tons per year, and the largest producing country are:

China: 137 million tons

India: 107million tons

Russia: 77.6 million tons

United States: 50 million tons

France: 40 million tons

Canada: 34 million tons

Most of this production is consumed locally, especially in large-populated countries such as China , which is the world's largest consumer of wheat (148 million tons per year).

Below we take a quick look at the world's largest wheat exporters.

The largest wheat exporter in the world

The world's largest wheat exporter is Russia , whose wheat exports are estimated at US$8.1 billion, equivalent to 18 percent of world exports.

The largest importer of Russian wheat is Egypt (the largest importer in the world), which imports $2.5 billion, followed by Turkey with $1.3 billion, and then Bangladesh with $525 million.

Other Arab countries importing Russian wheat are:

Yemen: $317 million

Sudan: $204 million

United Arab Emirates: 151 million dollars

Morocco: $95 million

Lebanon: $83 million

Sultanate of Oman: $77 million

Other wheat exporting countries

The second largest wheat exporter is the United States of America , whose exports are estimated at $6.9 billion, followed by Canada with $5.9 billion, and then France with $4.5 billion.

In Africa, South Africa is the largest exporter of wheat ($66 million), followed by Senegal ($1.2 million) and Kenya ($1.0 million).

In the Arab world, the United Arab Emirates ranks first with $34 million, followed by Lebanon with $2.7 million.

The 10 largest wheat exporters in the world

# Countries export value

1 Russia $8.1 billion

2 United State $6.9 billion

3 Canada $5.9 billion

4 France $4.5 billion

5 Ukraine $3.1 billion

6 Australia $2.6 billion

7 Argentina $2.4 billion

8 Romania $1.6 billion

9 Germany $1.2 billion

10 Kazakhstan $1.0 billion

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