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VPN services became the most downloaded apps in the Russian App Store

Russia has been under heavy Western sanctions since it invaded Ukraine last week. With the tightening of censorship in the country, VPN services are now the most downloaded apps in the Russian AppStore.

According to analytics firm AppFigures , VPN app downloads in Russia have risen significantly since the February 24 conflict began. As of Tuesday, the number of downloads in the App Store and Google Play in Russia increased by more than 1200%.

On March 1 alone, almost half a million downloads of various VPN apps were recorded in Russia, compared to an average of 10,000 downloads per day last month.

This increase in downloads is the result of the blocking of popular social networks and news sites by Roskomnadzor.

With the help of VPN apps, users can bypass blocking as well as surf the web anonymously, which is important in the current situation.

On Friday, the government confirmed (via The Guardian ) that it has banned and blocked Facebook and Twitter for violating Russian law, the ban is clearly an attempt to censor the internet and prevent people from accessing news critical of Russia over the war in Ukraine.

It's worth noting that the Twitter and FaceBook apps are still available for download from the App Store and Google Play.


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