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The FDA has approved the first effective medical lens for treating eye allergies

The FDA has approved the first effective medical lens for treating eye allergies

Itching, tearing and burning of the eyes can be caused by allergies. The new eye lens has recently been approved by the FDA , which is effective in relieving these cases. "The US Food and Drug Administration agrees with Acuvue Theravision with ketotifen - lenses that can deliver the drug through the eye," Johnson-Johnson said yesterday.

When people are exposed to dust or other allergenic stimulants , the eyes begin to itch and redden, causing discomfort. Ketotifen is an antihistamine commonly used to treat itchy eyes caused by allergic inflammation.

The manufacturers of this medical lens say: "These lenses are daily and are discarded after one use. In addition to their ability to correct vision, these lenses also relieve itching and eye sensitivity for 12 hours. However, contact lenses may not be suitable for people with astigmatic eyes.

Features of eye medical lens

According to studies, this eye medical lens can transfer 50% of drugs to the eye in the first 15 minutes after contact. After 5 hours, almost all the drugs are transferred to the eye to relieve itching and allergies.

In terms of side effects, studies have been done on these lenses. According to Johnson-Johnson, the side effects of these lenses are eye pain, which is only possible for 2% of people who use them.

These lenses are the first medical lenses that have medical capabilities. Another similar technology is being developed that could cure glaucoma by transferring the drug to the eye .

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