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NASA is working on technology to breathe on Mars

NASA has recently begun to study several innovative technologies, one of which is the ability to breathe on Mars. The projects are part of NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts program, which aims to make further discoveries in space science . For example, designing new space suits and designing spacecraft to explore planets are part of this program.

Breathing on the surface of Mars

One of the most attractive technologies that NASA has approved in its initial budget is the O2 technology that is portable to allow breathing on the surface of Mars. In this method, a process called thermal oscillation adsorption / desorption (TSSD) occurs, which is efficient for producing oxygen from the Martian atmosphere. This generator can be fixed or portable.

If this technology succeeds to the last step, it can be a completely reliable way to breathe on the surface of the Red Planet. This method opens new doors for exploring Mars on humans. Also, since this design is available in both portable and stationary modes, it allows astronauts to move it when needed. On the other hand, this technology has more flexibility in landing areas and long journeys than other methods. If NASA succeeds in this, the Red Planet will accept human footsteps.

"NASA's mission requires new technologies and methods to explore other planets in the universe," Jim Router, senior vice president of NASA 's Space Technology Mission , said in a statement. "Studying creative ideas is the first step in turning science-fiction into reality."


Until now, most of the technology that NASA has spent on has come from the idea of ​​fiction movies. These plans include exploring other planets. For example, another NASA goal is to build a spacecraft to study the planet Venus . MIT astronomer Sarah Seiger is leading the way.

Other NASA-approved projects for study include the construction of a small climbing robot that can explore subterranean caves on the surface of Mars . This project is not as impressive as breathing on the surface of Mars, but it gives us a new understanding of the Red Planet. In another project, scientists plan to build a versatile spacecraft capable of studying the planet's atmosphere. All of these projects involve technologies of the future that will surprise us soon.

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