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YouTube announces new feature to notify if a channel is doing a live broadcast

This is a feature that has been implemented for a long time on other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

YouTube announces new feature to notify if a channel is doing a live broadcast

There is currently a lot of competition between video platforms looking to attract the best content creators. YouTube recently confirmed a new novelty that makes it even more similar to TikTok, one of its most direct rivals.

Now YouTube users will be able to notice in a much easier way when a creator is broadcasting a direct within the platform. This information was released by Neal Mohan, who is the company's product manager through his Twitter account.

The new YouTube novelty has nothing to do with its algorithm or other filtering options, but rather a way to easily identify a live broadcast.

Feature reminiscent of TikTok and Instagram

Surely what's new on the platform will be familiar to you, and now the icon that identifies each channel will be shown with a ring that will allow you to recognize when someone is broadcasting live.

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have long implemented Live ID, which is why YouTube has matched its competition.

It is not something new, but it is something quite effective that works very well because it is very visually striking.

Another thing is that YouTube could show different colors that will help users identify more information and not just that it is being broadcast live.


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