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A Ukrainian sank the yacht of the Russian oligarch Worth 7 million euros in Spain. The court acquitted him

A Ukrainian sailor sank a Russian oligarch's luxury yacht worth 7 million euros to avenge the bombing of a house in Kyiv. The Spanish court released him.

This is reported by a number of Spanish publications.

On the island of Mallorca (Spain), a Ukrainian sailor was arrested for trying to sink the Lady Anastasia megayacht worth more than 7 million euros, writes the leading newspaper of Catalonia La Vanguardia .

The ship belongs to the vice-president of the Rostec arms concern, Russian oligarch Alexander Mikheev. The Ukrainian sailor worked on the yacht along with several Ukrainians.

Together with colleagues, he opened several locks, which led to the flooding of the yacht and significant damage to the ship. At that time the yacht was moored in Port Adriano in Mallorca (Spain).

The Spanish edition of Ultima Hora indicates that the sailor's name is Taras Ostapchuk. The Ukrainian was detained because he took full responsibility for what he had done - on Sunday, February 27, he appeared before the court. During the meeting, the sailor explained his act by saying that the owner of Lady Anastasia is responsible for the production of weapons with which they destroy his country.

Also, during the testimony in court, the Ukrainian showed a video of the shelling of a civilian house in Kyiv by Russian equipment, the media reports. The detainee admitted to the judge that, having seen these footage on television, he decided to take revenge on the Russian responsible for the manufacture of weapons with which his compatriots are attacked.

The judge, after seeing footage of a Russian missile hitting a residential building in Kiev, released the Ukrainian from custody without filing charges, according to Ultima Hora .

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