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The Meta Privacy Complaint will be closed for $ 90 million

In 2011-2010, Meta was sued for tracking and misappropriating Facebook users' cookies, and now the company has agreed to pay a $ 90 million fine to end the privacy lawsuit.

The U.S. District Court for Northern California has received the case for final approval, and apparently a $ 90 million fine will be distributed to those who can prove they were affected by Facebook tracking .

Facebook uses proprietary browser plug-ins to track user activity on the web. Following the complaint, Facebook agreed to delete all data obtained from tracking users' cookies and even stopped tracking when users logged out. But it does not seem to have done so and will continue to track users even after logging out.

A Meta spokesman explains about this case:

Reaching an agreement on this case, which is more than a decade old, is in the interest of our community and our stakeholders, and we are happy to have overcome this problem.

The main problem of technology giants; Privacy of users

Facebook and its owner, Meta, have already faced hundreds of millions of dollars in similar privacy fines in various countries . The company faced a $ 650 million lawsuit last year and sought to turn off its face recognition technology.

In recent years, government agencies, the courts, and the Senate have focused more than ever on the exploitation and use of their users' data by tech giants. Companies such as Google and Meta have already faced numerous complaints about user privacy and data exploitation. Some sources have recently reported that Meta may be forced to close Facebook and Instagram in Europe, although the company has denied this to some extent .


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