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Strategy Dune: Spice Wars received the first gameplay trailer [VIDEO]


The cult Dune franchise will soon get richer with one new strategy, as the authors of Dune: Spice Wars from Shiro Games studio reminded fans. The first gameplay trailer of the game adaptation was published on the channel of Funcom publishing house, where they talked about the main mechanics of the future title.

The developers of Dune: Spice Wars have described the path to dominance on the planet Arrakis. First, the player will have to adapt to the harsh conditions of the world, exploring the area in search of resources and allies. Once settled in the chosen territory, the user will be able to think about interaction with other major factions - whether it be military conflicts, trade or diplomatic agreements, seasoned with espionage.

Recall that Dune: Spice Wars was announced in December 2021 at The Game Awards 2021. The exact release date of RTS is still unknown, but the authors plan to release the game in “early access” before the end of 2022.

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