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Redmi K50 Gaming Edition dismantled and turned into a sports car [VIDEO]

Following the photo report of the disassembly of the gaming flagship, the company posted an equally interesting video on Weibo. In it, engineers not only showed what the gadget consists of, but also constructed a radio-controlled racing car from its components.


A short video sequence demonstrates the main components of the device, and also emphasizes its high maintainability. Judging by the video, most of the parts of the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition are mounted on screw, not adhesive connections. In the frame, you can notice elements such as JBL acoustics and a powerful linear vibration motor responsible for the operation of the tactile feedback function.

In the final part of the video, the engineer makes an unusual modification of the device, using its components to create the body of a toy car. Alas, the company did not publish instructions for its self-assembly and a list of additional details of the unusual "constructor".

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