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Nintendo Switch is in the middle of its life cycle

In a recent Q&A session, Nintendo spokesman President Shuntaro Furukawa stated that he could not comment on the company's next game console. Instead, he revealed that the Nintendo Switch is still in the middle of its life cycle.

Recall that four years have passed since the release of the Nintendo Switch, and the total sales exceeded 90 million units. The launch of a model with an OLED display further boosted sales. In fact, the company offers consumers three versions of the Nintendo Switch and a wide range of software for them. According to Furukawa, this led to the conclusion that the foundation was laid for further growth beyond the normal life cycle of the console. If we shorten the President's speech, we can conclude that consumers can wait for the next generation console for several more years.

The session also featured game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who he says has high hopes for the upcoming Super Mario CG animated film. He believes this type of content will allow more people to immerse themselves in and enjoy Nintendo franchises even if they don't have the right hardware, which is great.

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