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Master Chief's face to be shown in Halo for the first time

Already in March, the premiere of the Halo series based on the shooter series of the same name will take place. Its creators have revealed some details of the expected show. Viewers, for example, will be shown the face of Master Chief for the first time.

Kiki Wolfkill of 343 Industries has confirmed that one of the franchise's main canons will be broken: viewers will see the face of Master Chief in the upcoming series. She says that it is very important for the authors to tell the personal story of the character, and for this you need to show what kind of person is hiding under this helmet.

“You will see his face. Some people have been waiting for this for twenty years. We absolutely respect not only them, but those who don't really want to see Master Chief's face. However, due to the nature of this story, it is very important to show the face of the character,” Wolfkill says.

Recall that the premiere of the Halo series will take place on March 24 on the Paramount + channel.


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