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Google introduced a new font for comfortable reading sites

Google has released a new font, Roboto Serif, which aims to improve the user experience of the regulars of the network. In addition to the original design of symbols, it is interesting for its wide customization options, and everyone can try it out right now.

Google positions Roboto Serif as part of the Material Design concept. According to statistics provided by the company, the average user spends an average of up to seven hours a day reading various materials on the Internet. The new font has been specifically designed to improve readability.

Unlike other members of the family, Roboto Serif has a minimalistic design with subtle serifs. It can be configured in four main parameters and can be selected from several standard optical sizes. This allows you to make the site more individual without losing the quality of the design. The font is positioned as a universal solution, suitable for both writing books and creating album covers.

You can see an example of text typed in the new font here , and download Roboto Serif to your device using this link .


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