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Call of Duty Zombies could become free in 2023, say insiders

Survival mode rumors suggest a free-to-play model next year.

Call of Duty Zombies could become free from 2023, according to recent rumors. According to insiders Tom Henderson and RalphsValve (and the CODMW2Informer profile on Twitter), an Activision project is in the works to make the mode available free of charge.

As the franchise should not have a launch in 2023 (changing the annual formula we are used to), the idea would be to launch the experience without any connection with the other titles in the series — a standalone and free-to-play model, to maintain the community engaged in some way. Check out what the leakers commented:

Henderson : There is a separate Call of Duty Zombies project in an early stage of development, which is currently not tied to any titles.

 Ralph (after Henderson's tweet) : 2023, Zombies.

CODMW2 : A free Zombies game from Treyarch will be released in 2023! This could be huge for the COD franchise. 

Although the sources presented above have some relevance among the community, it is valid to treat this information with some caution. Until Activision officially confirms this, treat it as a rumor .

Call of Duty Zombies didn't do well in Vanguard

The Call of Duty Zombies ended up not winning the favors of COD: Vanguard players . According to the community, the action is a little predictable and repetitive, so the publisher may have started to think about something, but that's just speculation . What do you think of the mode, reader?

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