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Blood samples from professional football players show that headaches affect brain activity

Experts examined the blood samples of 89 professional players to understand the changes in the mental patterns of professional footballers due to headaches. They compared the blood samples of footballers during the game and training with their blood samples after hard training, which included a head injury.

Blood samples from professional football players show that headaches affect brain activity

The results of this study showed that at the "MicroRNA" levels of the brain, certain changes occur due to heading. MicroRNAs are known as biomarkers in the blood. In other words, MicroRNAs are involved in RNA inhibition, post-transcriptional regulation, and gene expression, thereby affecting brain signaling.

MicroRNAs are very small molecules that are found in our cells and circulate in various body fluids, such as blood. microRNAs help regulate gene expression - the process by which the instructions in our DNA are converted into proteins. They are also involved in many different physiological processes.

" The study found that hitting professional athletes - who have been doing this for several years - caused the Changes in the level of microRNAs and subsequent signaling to the brain. We hope to be able to conduct this research on more samples in the future to become aware of the potential dangers of headaches, or in other words, repeated blows to the head. "Given that millions of people play football on a daily basis around the world, it is important to be aware of the dangers of headaches ."

Changes in the level of microRNAs directly affect how the brain works. To ensure this effect, the scientists compared blood samples during headless training with athletes' samples after hard training, including headache.

The results of the analysis showed that as the number of blows to the head increases, the potential for brain damage due to changes in the level of microRNAs increases.

"This is an exploratory study with a few samples," Sandmo said at the end of the study report. "However, we have achieved strange results."


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