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AI has learned to convey human emotions by voice

 Sonantic developers have created an artificial intelligence system capable of reproducing expressive human speech. It is actively used for voice acting in Hollywood films and computer games. AI is so good that it can not only change the intonation of speech, its speed, volume and style, but also add various sounds.

Voice models could already express emotions such as joy and sadness, but now AI has learned the subtle art of flirting. His monologue is able to sound romantic and flirtatious, using a range of speech characteristics of people.

The latest system enhancement at Sonantic was demonstrated on video. They allowed the AI ​​to voice the flirtatious protagonist: there is a real actress in the video, but the voice-over is completely generated by the program.

“From flirting and giggling to breathing and pauses, this is the most realistic romantic display created to date. It helps us get closer to our vision of CGI in audio,” said Sonantic CEO Zina Qureshi.


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