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AGESA Causes Issues and Slow Performance on AMD Ryzen Processors

If you prefer to update your motherboard BIOS every time there is an update, then this time it is better to wait for the next version. This applies to owners of AMD systems that have been able to upgrade to the "stable" version of AGESA

Users on numerous thematic resources report that after updating to the latest firmware version, problems began to be observed, including performance degradation. For example, single-threaded and multi-threaded clock speeds dropped by 100 MHz and 150 MHz, respectively, some overclocking features disappeared, the CBS/PBO menu was significantly reduced, and the second CCX unit did not work properly.

Many of these issues have been noticed since the release of the beta. Apparently, no solution has been found so far. Some manufacturers continue to “finish” AGESA, and ASUS decided to skip this version altogether, releasing only a beta version, and moved on to work on AGESA The last really stable version of AGESA can be considered


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