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World's first watch to measure blood sugar non-invasively

Engineers at the Japanese startup Quantum Operation have created the world's first smartwatch to measure blood sugar without needles and additional equipment. According to the developers, the non-invasive meter reads user data in real time and can be configured to collect information on a schedule. In addition, the gadget monitors heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

In a presentation at CES 2022, where the company received several innovation awards in the Health and Wellness category, Quantum Operations revealed that their system was made possible by advances in mass spectrometry. The strap and body of the new gadget are made of two patented materials that play an important role in obtaining data on blood sugar levels.

The Quantum Operation smartwatch also has a special design that suppresses unnecessary noise when receiving data. To start the key function, the user must put the watch on his hand, activate monitoring from the menu and wait about 20 seconds. The company claims that the final results are fully consistent with those offered by traditional blood glucose meters , according to Gizmochina.

In the future, Quantum Operation plans to offer its devices to insurance companies and healthcare providers who will distribute smartwatches to their customers. In addition, the startup intends to create a cloud platform for collecting medical data with the consent of its users - thus Quantum Operation wants to support medical organizations in the fight against diabetes and other serious diseases.

Since its founding in 2017, Quantum Operation has raised $ 3.7 million in venture funding. The startup is now working with medical regulators in Japan to test its gadget and compare its performance to approved blood glucose meters. When the reliability of smartwatches with sugar monitoring function is officially confirmed by certificates, the developers will move on to commercialize the promising technology.

The idea of ​​integrating a meter into smart watches and bracelets is not new, but even the leading IT giants, including Apple and Fitbit, have not yet successfully implemented this concept. Apple filed several patents in this area several years ago, but has not yet launched a similar feature on its Apple Watch. And Fitbit in 2017 made a compromise - the company entered into an agreement with the developer of Dexcom blood glucose meters to combine smartwatches with medical devices via Bluetooth. This approach did not gain popularity, so Fitbit has abandoned this complex system in the new models.


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