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Toyota is going to build an SUV to conquer the moon


Toyota is working with the Japan Space Agency to develop a vehicle to explore the lunar surface. The automaker has set itself the goal of helping humans settle on the Moon by 2040 and then turn their sights to Mars.

Sending cars to the moon is our mission. Toyota cars are almost everywhere, but now it's about taking our cars to places where we have never been, ”said Toyota.

The name of the rover is Lunar Cruiser, a clear reference to one of Japan's most popular companies, Land Cruiser. It is planned to complete its development by the end of this decade. The vehicle is built in such a way as to provide people with the opportunity to work, sleep, eat and communicate with each other absolutely safely in an airless environment.

To do this, Toyota signed a contract with Gitai Japan. The company has developed a robotic arm with various attachments for the Lunar Cruiser. They can be changed to be used as a variety of tools for scooping, picking up objects or sweeping surfaces.

Lunar Cruiser

According to Gitai CEO Sho Nakanose, the task of space flight is almost solved, but it is necessary to modernize work in vacuum conditions, since they still carry high costs and a serious danger to the life of astronauts. This is where robots come in handy.

“We view space as the domain of our once-in-a-century transformation. By going there, we can develop telecommunications and other technologies that will be useful to human life,” said Takao Sato, who leads the Lunar Cruiser project at Toyota Motor.


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