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Stealing loot in Diablo II led a gamer to kill his best friend

Joshua Spellman appears before the Clark County Superior Court. The man was charged with the murder of 34-year-old Andrew Dixon, with whom they had been friends for 24 years. The incident took place after an altercation while playing Diablo II.

At the first hearing, Spellman revealed the cause of the conflict. It was like this: he played Diablo II with his best friend Andrew Dixon. The gamers were in the same area, but in different rooms. At some point, a random player burst into the session, the password for which was forgotten. Connected - and immediately stole a valuable artifact, which the men simply did not have time to pick up from the ground.

The incident infuriated Dixon terribly. He began to scream and swear. Spellman tried to calm his friend all this time. The persuasion did not work, and threats were used: Spellman threatened to calm his friend with a bullet.

After that, the man got hold of a pistol and went into the house to discuss the situation with his father, and fired into the air on the way. A little later, Dixon joined the conversation, and the friends were captured by a second wave of controversy, during which Spellman broke loose and shot a friend. Dixon was taken to hospital where he died of his injury. The shooter faces a sentence for second-degree murder.


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