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Sony brings its first electric cars to CES 2022 [VIDEO]

Sony brings its first electric cars to CES 2022 [VIDEO]

During CES 2022, Sony unveiled a prototype of the Vision-S EV and Vision-S 02 SUV, and announced the launch of a new electric vehicle division. The Sony Mobility brand has already boasted the first results of months of development.

The company posted several videos on YouTube showing the key features of the Vision-S series electric prototype vehicles. They allow you to get acquainted with the interface of the control system of new products, as well as with the possibilities of remote driving via a 5G modem in real time.

“We are exploring the possibility of a commercial launch of a Sony electric vehicle,” said Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida.


During the conference, Sony demonstrated the Vision-S electric SUV, which is equipped with four dozen safety sensors for the driver and passengers at once. The date of appearance of commercial versions of Sony electric cars by the company has not yet been announced.


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