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Scientists: long space travel causes health problems

Mars colonization and long-term space travel are in jeopardy after the publication of new research data. Scientists from Canada have found that space anemia caused by weightlessness is not a temporary problem, as previously thought.

Guy Trudel from the University of Ottawa conducted research involving 14 astronauts. It turned out that while in zero gravity, the human body destroys more blood cells than it produces. During the normal functioning of the body, about 2 million red blood cells are destroyed and re-created every second. During six-month missions to the ISS, astronauts destroyed 3 million red blood cells every second in their bodies. Even a year after returning to Earth, the level of red blood cells of the astronauts did not return to the pre-flight level.

A long trip to Mars can cause a severe shortage of red blood cells and significant health problems. The scientists note that this will not necessarily cause problems in zero gravity, but may become a problem when astronauts arrive on Mars or return to Earth.

Anemia can significantly halt the development of space tourism. The results of the study indicate that the existing physical training and dietary habits in modern space travel have not prevented hemolysis and post-flight anemia in astronauts.


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