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Samsung Shows Stretchable Smartphone And Giant Tablet Laptop [VIDEO]

Samsung Shows Stretchable Smartphone And Giant Tablet Laptop [VIDEO]

Samsung is showcasing four new flexible display devices at CES 2022. These are the Flex S and Flex G bi-fold smartphones, the Flex Slidable with a retractable display and the Flex Note laptop tablet.

As shown in the video above, the Flex S has a 3-fold Z-fold display. When folded, the prototype resembles an ordinary smartphone in its dimensions, and when opened, it turns into a large tablet. Samsung Flex G folds in a similar way, but thanks to the transparent insert of the case, the user has access to a small part of the screen on the back. At the same time, the gadget itself has a noticeably more compact size.

The concept of a smartphone with a retractable screen is called Flex Slidable. According to Samsung, the display slides out at the press of a button and can be used to expand the workspace while performing multiple tasks at the same time. In the example shown, an additional section is used for quick access to selected applications.

Samsung Flex Note can become the basis for creating laptops with folding screens, when one of the parts of the device, if necessary, can be used as a keyboard or any other control, including even a virtual gamepad. When unfolded, the user receives a huge tablet. All new items so far exist only in the form of prototypes - it is not known when Samsung will release such gadgets on sale.


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