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Razer Zephyr Pro mask protects against viruses and enhances voice

Razer Zephyr Pro mask protects against viruses and enhances voice

Razer has brought an updated version of its Zephyr smart mask last year to CES 2022 . The Pro version of the accessory retains its futuristic appearance with built-in LED backlighting and a high level of protection, but it solves one of the main shortcomings of its predecessor.

The mask is capable of trapping up to 99% of 0.3 micron dust particles and is equipped with three N95 filters (two on the sides and one on the bottom). To make it easier for the user to breathe, the design of the novelty provides for two fans capable of rotating at speeds up to 6200 rpm. According to Razer, the service life of replacement filters is up to three days. On the sides of the accessory, there is a circular LED lighting Chroma with the ability to customize through the proprietary application.

The main feature of the Pro version is a pair of speakers located at the bottom of the mask. When you press a special button, they amplify the owner's voice up to 60 dB at a distance of up to one meter, which will allow the interlocutors to hear everything said better. The autonomy of the mask is up to 8 hours with the backlight off.

The Razer Zephyr Pro will go on sale later in 2022 and will retail for $ 149.99. A stock of filters for 99 days will cost customers $ 199.99. In comparison, the base model starts at $ 99.99.


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