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Large lab for extreme smartphone testing opens in China

 A new laboratory has emerged in Donggang City, designed and built jointly by vivo and the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology. It will be used to simulate various real-world mobile device scenarios to speed up development and testing.

Test Laboratories

A large number of complex tests can be performed within the laboratory, simulating a wide variety of extreme scenarios, avoiding the need to find the necessary climatic conditions or a suitable location. For example, it can simulate a weak signal, crowded streets and even high-speed traffic.

In addition, in the vivo laboratory, modulation of various operating modes of a smartphone is possible. So, you can evaluate the quality of the gadget in games, during a video call, or the stability of the connection during live broadcasts. These tests are based on a comprehensive observation method with detailed analysis of data to further optimize the product before it goes on sale.

Base stations and backbones used in the laboratory

Base stations and backbones used in the laboratory

The laboratory provides comprehensive testing of smartphones in all areas: from basic communication protocols to user interaction. For example, vivo can examine battery performance across different networks and scenarios to improve power consumption. The company is also exploring the latest communications technologies to adapt its products to 5G technology standards, including 5G NR Release 16.

Each tested smartphone undergoes more than 4000 hours of stress tests for uninterrupted power supply of the device, more than 1000 hours of checking the quality of data transmission and more than 10,000 incoming and outgoing calls. All this allows us to make sure of the reliability of the manufactured gadget.


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