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Hybrid aircraft turned out to be faster and more efficient than helicopters


Vox has been developing a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for over 30 years. The final assembly of the aircraft has now begun. The first flight tests are scheduled for next year, but already now the manufacturer claims the clear superiority of the device over conventional helicopters.

The main advantage of the new aircraft will be the ability to land on any helipad. However, unlike a helicopter, a new horizontal takeoff aircraft will consume 50% less fuel, while developing three times the speed during flight.

The vehicle achieves a high level of performance thanks to four turbofan engines. Their special design in the side wings provides lift during takeoff and landing. In this case, the wing remains stationary. The developers of the concept claim that this combination of systems guarantees maximum safety and reliability during the transition from vertical takeoff to horizontal flight.

The hybrid aircraft format allows the electric motors to be supplied with power for about 8 minutes. This is more than enough for the take-off or landing procedure. While the plane is in the process of level flight, its batteries are recharged in order to ensure a soft vertical landing again later.


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