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Chinese AI Attorney Delivers Sentences with 97% Accuracy

Chinese researchers have developed what they claim to be the world's first AI-powered prosecutor. At the moment, he is able to bring charges for the eight most common types of crimes. According to the results of the tests carried out, the accuracy of his sentences is an impressive 97%.

The AI ​​prosecutor has already been tested by the Shanghai Pudong District People's Procuratorate, the largest and busiest district prosecutor's office in the country. According to the developers, this technology is designed to reduce the day-to-day workload on prosecutors, allowing them to focus on more complex cases.

The program can run on an ordinary stationary computer. For her training, more than 17,000 cases were used for the period from 2015 to 2020. The algorithm is now able to identify and prosecute eight of the most common crimes in Shanghai: credit card fraud, gambling, dangerous driving, willful injury, obstruction of duty, theft, fraud, and quarreling and dangerous situations.

For each suspect, the program issues a charge based on 1000 criteria derived from a human-generated case text. According to the developers, with the updates, the AI ​​prosecutor received more features. For example, he will be able to recognize less common crimes and bring multiple charges to one suspect.

Despite the good intentions of the creators of the program, there are many opponents of such technologies.

“An accuracy of 97% can be high from a technological point of view, but there will always be a chance of error. Who will take responsibility when this happens? A prosecutor, a car, or an algorithm developer? ”Said the Guangzhou City Prosecutor.

In his opinion, another problem is that the program can only bring charges on the basis of existing experience and cannot anticipate the public reaction to the proposed solution in a changing social environment.

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