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BMW iX: a crossover that instantly changes body color [VIDEO]

The German automaker has presented an extraordinary electric car BMW iX, a feature of which is the ability to quickly change the body color. To do this, the owner only needs to press one button, and the whole procedure takes a few seconds.

The company said it used proprietary technology based on electronic ink displays to paint the car. The body of the BMW iX is covered with millions of microcapsules, the diameter of which is equivalent to the thickness of a human hair. They contain negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments.

When the potential of the electric field changes, the color changes from black to white and vice versa in just a few seconds. The company's engineers said that in the long term, the ability to change color may be applied depending on weather conditions. So when the sun is scorching, it is preferable to switch the color to white, thereby reducing the heating of the interior, and in the cold season, you can choose black.

BMW also noted that in its current form, the technology is extremely sensitive to temperature extremes, so you should not expect the appearance of commercial versions of cars with such a function in the near future.


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