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Unmanned Lada Vesta can drive without a driver [VIDEO]

Specialists of the Russian Research Automotive and Automotive Institute (NAMI) are developing an unmanned system that can be installed on any car. As a demonstration of the result of their work, they installed their complex on the Lada Vesta.


The system developed by NAMI relies on a whole range of modern sensors: radars, lidars and video cameras to analyze everything that happens around. Artificial intelligence independently evaluates the situation, is able to detect other cars, pedestrians, recognize road signs and traffic signals. The unmanned system determines its position on a three-dimensional map of the terrain and is able to plan a route from point A to point B. If necessary, it allows the car to rebuild from row to row, taking into account the behavior of other road users.

In addition to the programmed algorithms, neural networks are also involved in the analysis of the traffic situation and the search for objects. The first experiments at the test site showed the success of the autopilot in fulfilling the assigned tasks. NAMI specialists are also working on organizing a group movement of unmanned aerial vehicles in a convoy with a piloted leader.


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