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Toyota introduces paid subscription for its vehicles

The introduction of paid subscriptions has become a popular option for modern service monetization. Toyota decided not to miss the opportunity to make money and offered to the owners of its cars to pay for quite standard and familiar to many functions.

Toyota introduces paid subscription for its vehicles

We are talking about cars of 2018 and newer models equipped with remote start functions. To use the proprietary key fob to activate the engine, you will now need to subscribe to a paid Remote Connect subscription. This is particularly surprising since no connection to Toyota's servers is required to activate the function, and the key fob uses normal radio waves to communicate with the car.

The cost of the service of using a physical key fob will cost Toyota owners $ 8 per month or $ 80 per year. When buying a new vehicle, buyers will be able to try out Toyota connected services such as emergency assistance, hotspot connectivity, online app-based services, and remote unlock and vehicle start-ups.

The cost of the free period will depend on the specific model and its configuration. Cars equipped with the Audio Plus system will receive a free trial of up to three years of use. Models with Premium Audio will be able to use the system for up to 10 years. After this period, drivers will need to pay for a subscription in order to continue using the key fob to start the car remotely.


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