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The Chinese company Nio presented the ET5 electric car with a power reserve of more than 1000 km

This week, the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio unveiled the new ET5 model at a special event, which will be the most compact and affordable solution in the lineup, while using the latest generation platform. Advanced driver assistance features are combined in this vehicle with a range of up to 1,000 km and a price tag of $ 51,400 in the Chinese market.

The Chinese company Nio presented the ET5 electric car with a power reserve of more than 1000 km

Along the way, Nio announced its readiness to begin deliveries from March 28, 2022, ET7 sedans, which are higher in the model hierarchy, but were still not ready for mass production. Starting January 20, first customers will be able to confirm orders for the ET7 sedan. During the pre-production phase, Nio was able to reduce the acceleration time to 100 km / h to 3.8 seconds, and the drag coefficient was improved to 0.208.

If we go back to the more compact ET5 that debuted the other day, then among its characteristics the manufacturer mentions the ability to accelerate to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds, and also stop from this speed to zero in 33.9 meters. In this case, good dynamics is supported by an effective braking system, which is important for safety. The coefficient of dynamic resistance does not exceed 0.24, the door handles are traditionally recessed into the body panels, and high-strength steel and aluminum were used in the manufacture of the body, which made it possible to reduce the weight without compromising the torsional rigidity, which reaches 34,000 N · m / deg.

There are three battery capacities available for the Nio ET5 sedan. In the basic version, it is able to store 75 kWh of electricity and travel 550 km on a Chinese cycle of 550 km without recharging. The middle configuration offers a battery with a capacity of 100 kWh with an estimated power reserve of 700 km, and the older one increases these indicators by one and a half times, providing movement without recharging for more than 1000 km.

The interior of the Nio ET5 uses the voice assistant, already traditional for cars of the brand, with a built-in camera that monitors the driver. Ambient lighting has 256 shades, the speaker system provides surround sound Dolby Atmos 7.1.4, in the center of the console there is a touchscreen display with a diagonal of 10.2 inches, concentrating on-board systems control functions. Augmented reality glasses will also be offered as an option, allowing you to create the feeling of interaction with a 201-inch display located six meters away from the driver. Most likely, the use of entertainment functions will only be available while parking. The car is equipped with advanced driver assistance systems that allow it to maneuver in various situations, including visiting a station to replace the traction battery with a charged one.

In China, where ET5 will go on sale next September, the cost of an electric car starts at $ 51,450, but those wishing to change the battery by subscription will be able to get a car for $ 40,468, and at the same time pay a monthly subscription fee in the future. At special stations, the battery is changed to an automatically charged one in just five minutes, after which the electric car can continue to move with a full power reserve.

Nio is already entering the Norwegian market and is preparing to enter the markets of Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark in 2022. By the middle of the decade, the brand expects to sell its products in more than 25 countries and regions of the world.


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