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STALKER 2 release dates revealed on PlayStation

 STALKER 2 will remain an Xbox exclusive for three months

STALKER 2 release dates revealed on PlayStation


Planned for April 2022, STALKER 2 will remain an Xbox exclusive for three months. It is reported by the Italian edition Everyeye.

Lori Wright, Xbox Vice President, has announced that GSC Game World will remain in exclusive status. Reporters noted that Microsoft did not plan ahead of time to disclose information about when STALKER 2 will no longer be exclusive to PC and Xbox. However, Wright had to reveal this during a court hearing at the trial, which is considering Epic Games' claims against Apple .

In court, a Microsoft top manager announced that the Ukrainian studio's game would be an Xbox exclusive within three months of the title's release. During this time, STALKER 2 will be available for free for Game Pass subscribers. Judging by the fact that the new games in the STALKER universe should appear on April 28, gamers will be able to purchase the title on PlayStation consoles in July.

“Definitely great news for fans of the 2007 saga and PS5 owners,” the authors noted. According to reporters, the appearance of the game on Sony's flagship console will attract the attention of a large number of gamers.

Earlier, representatives of GSC Game World revealed new details about STALKER 2 for PC Gamer magazine. The developers said that the game will be designed for single playthrough, but free multiplayer will appear in it

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