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Satellite tug to carry space debris out of orbit

A special satellite is being created at the Omsk State Technical University, which will be able to remove large-sized space debris from the altitude of the most used orbits up to 2 thousand km. According to the idea, the device will either push waste to an altitude of more than 3-5 thousand km from the Earth, or knock them down below, so that they burn up in the atmosphere.

Satellite tug to carry space debris out of orbit

Scientists are guided by work with more or less large objects - for example, booster blocks and fragments of satellites after an explosion or collisions. The size of the objects that the projected device can handle will be up to 2–3 m in diameter and up to 5 m in height.

To capture space debris, the satellite will be equipped with a robotic arm. Also, the developers are thinking about using the network - this option is already being worked out by Japanese specialists for some military drones.

Now in space there are almost 34 thousand particles larger than 10 cm. Of course, it makes no sense to remove all of them sequentially, but you can at least get rid of debris that pose a threat to the ISS or important objects in geostationary orbit.

The scavenger satellite will be about a meter in diameter. It will be launched into orbit using the Angara launch vehicle, the authors of the project reported. However, the satellite will plow the vastness of space with the help of its own engine, hydrogen peroxide will serve as the basis of the fuel.

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