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Russian Scientists Have Created a Prototype of a Quantum Computer on Quart

Researchers from the Russian Quantum Center and the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences announced the creation of a prototype of a quantum computer based on ions. To do this, they applied the original technology for scaling quantum processors using qudits.

Unlike traditional computers, where information consists of bits that can be in the 0 or 1 state, in quantum technology the analogue is qubits that can simultaneously be in 0 and 1. However, Russian scientists used a pair of quarts in their prototype that can be simultaneously in four states. Thus, their system is equivalent to four qubits.

“For us, this is the first significant result in the work on the roadmap for quantum computing. A universal quantum computer with cloud access will be built on the created base by the end of 2024. Today, the ion platform demonstrates some of the most interesting results, which is especially noteworthy, since five years ago ions were not considered a priority area of ​​development, ”said Ruslan Yunusov, Head of the Project Office for Quantum Technologies of ROSATOM.

In the course of the experiment, the researchers captured two ions in a vacuum chamber and, using a laser, performed a series of one-qubit operations on them, a two-qubit operation inside a kudit (three states), and an operation to entangle two particles.

Scientists were able to show that the quality of operations between qubits connected in a quart is superior to the quality of operations on independent particles. In the future, this should increase the efficiency of quantum computers.


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