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Putin promised the US and NATO a "very different" response to the refusal on security guarantees

 If the United States and NATO refuse to give Russia security guarantees, there will be a response from Moscow that can be "very different." Russian President Vladimir Putin warned about this.

“It [the answer] can be very different. It depends on the proposals that our military experts will make to me, ”the head of state said in an interview for the  .

The President noted that Russia hopes for positive results of the talks on this issue. According to Putin, the country voiced its proposals precisely to achieve legally enshrined results, and not in order to "blackout something and stop something."

Last week, the Russian Foreign Ministry presented draft negotiations with the US and NATO on security guarantees. The documents have already been handed over to Washington and its allies. In the projects, Moscow demands the West to provide guarantees that prevent NATO from moving eastward. In particular, this applies to the territory of Ukraine.

During a large press conference on December 23, Putin said that Russia's further actions would  on the unconditional provision of the country's security "today and in the historical perspective." Therefore, Russia decided to make it clear that NATO's further eastward advance is unacceptable. 


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