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Nike to launch virtual clothing and footwear for the metaverse

Nike has acquired a startup called RTFKT ("artifact"). He specializes in the development of digital footwear and apparel. This will help the American brand accelerate its "digital transformation" to launch virtual things for human avatars in the metaverse.

Gaming Computer Style RTFKT Virtual Sneakers

Startup RTFKT was founded early last year and has already made some progress in the creation of virtual clothing and shoes. In collaboration with 18-year-old artist Fewocious, a collection of NFT sneakers was released at prices of $ 3,000, $ 5,000 and 10,000 each. It took just seven minutes to sell 600 virtual pairs. The company earned $ 3.1 million from this.

New CloneX RTFKT project launched with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The details have not yet been disclosed, but it is known that representatives of the startup call it their most ambitious project, which will lay the foundation for an entire ecosystem of avatars for the metaverse.

Nike-branded virtual sneakers are probably worth the wait now.


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