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Microsoft adds a new panel with games to the branded browser Edge

It looks like Microsoft intends to add every imaginable and unthinkable functionality to its Edge browser, trying to satisfy even the most unusual user requests. The company has already included in the browser features for online shopping, integration with Office, a tool for solving math problems and more. Now, according to Microsoft, it's time to add a new game bar to Edge.

Image source: Microsoft

As one Reddit user discovered, a fresh build of Edge Canary has a new toggle that allows you to add a Games button to the toolbar next to the address bar. Clicking on the new button opens a panel on the right side of the browser window that displays an extensive list of games, many of which are published on MSN Games. They are divided into categories. When you click on a game, it runs directly in the browser.

Image source: u / Leopeva64-2 (Reddit)

Microsoft is believed to have begun rolling out the server-side feature to a limited number of users. It is not yet known when it will be added to the stable build of the browser.

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