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MegaFon began offering smartphones of any brand by subscription

Operator MegaFon has launched a new subscription service: it allows you to use your smartphone for 12 months for a fixed amount. At the same time, devices of any brand are available, including the latest models.

MegaFon began offering smartphones of any brand by subscription

Image source: pixabay.com / nastya_gepp

According to RBC, money for using a smartphone will be debited every month along with a subscription fee for communication services. For a year, the client must pay 70% of the cost of the device. After a year of using the smartphone, you can turn it in to trade-in by subscribing to another device. That is, as a result, you can save up to 30% of the cost of the device. 

According to MegaFon's terms, the user must connect one of the tariffs of the “No Overpayments” family for a period of at least 12 months. The amount of the monthly payment depends on the cost of the smartphone and the tariff.

The service is currently available in Moscow. The project partner is the Center for Financial Technologies (CFT). The company plans to expand it in early 2022 to all regions of the country. 


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