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Mazda: an electric car with a range of just 161 km is enough for most buyers

The underdeveloped charging infrastructure and limited range for many potential buyers of electric vehicles are now no less significant disadvantages of this mode of transport than their high price. Mazda believes that in the presence of longer-range transport in the economy, buying an electric car with a power reserve of even only 161 km does not seem irrational.

The Mazda MX-30 electric car entered the market last year, becoming the first-born of the brand with such a power plant. The characteristics of this car, however, were not impressive against the background of the modern achievements of competitors - according to the European WLTP cycle, it is capable of driving no more than 210 km on a single charge. The capacity of the traction battery does not exceed 35.5 kWh, and the power of the electric motor reaches 105 kW or 142 hp.

According to Auto News Canada , the local Mazda dealership stands ready to defend the right to an electric vehicle with such characteristics to life. A less capacious battery has less harmful production on the environment during production and disposal, and the range of 161 km indicated for the local market is enough for more than 80% of potential buyers. True, in this sense, Mazda representatives make an important reservation - in most cases the MX-30 would not be the only car in the family, and another car would be used for long-distance trips. Recall that Toyota representatives until recently adhered to a similar opinions, although the company recently introduced a wide range of battery-electric vehicles, with which it intends to conquer developed markets in the coming years.

By the way, at the end of next year, Mazda intends to release a new version of the MX-30 in the form of a rechargeable hybrid with an internal combustion engine. It turns out that even the leadership of the Japanese automaker does not take seriously all the arguments about the sufficiency of the range of the original version of the electric car. Next year, the Canadian dealership of the brand intends to sell no more than 700 MX-30 electric vehicles.


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