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Japanese police announced hunt for hacker from China

The General Police Department of Japan has received an arrest warrant for a former Chinese trainee accused of hacking attacks on Japanese facilities. This was announced today, December 28, by TASS with reference to the NHK TV channel.

According to the Japanese authorities, a Chinese citizen tried to gain access to software that protects computers from illegal entry.

According to the TV channel, the specified software is provided only to a narrow circle of local companies. The trainee created a fake company in Japan in 2016 with the aim of obtaining illegal access, but was exposed. He was questioned by the investigating authorities, but managed to leave the country. Now the Japanese police intend to put him on the international wanted list through Interpol on suspicion of fraud.

The channel reports that the case is related to the activities of Chinese hackers who infiltrated the systems of more than 200 Japanese research institutes and companies in 2016. Among the victims was the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

During the investigation, it turned out that the server from which the attack was carried out was rented and located in Japan. The police believe that the hackers were part of the structures of the Chinese armed forces.

In Japan, more than 4 thousand attempts of illegal penetration into various computer networks and systems are recorded annually. In particular, large corporations such as NEC and Mitsubishi Electric have become victims of cybercriminals in recent years.

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