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Audi has created an exclusive electric car for Gimkhana [PHOTOS]

The Audi concern has developed a special electric car Audi S1 ​​Hoonitron for the famous American racer Ken Block, so that he will perform with him at the Gymhan. The model of the mid-1980s Audi Sport Quatro S1 was taken as a basis, which inspired the athlete to start his career.

In his next video, Ken Block promised to show all the possibilities of the new electric car. The title of the new ad is expected to be Elektrikhana, symbolizing the beginning of the popular jimkhana event's transition to electric cars.

Surprisingly, it took Audi only four weeks to create the car. To get there in such a short time frame, the company had to skip the full-size layout stage, using only digital sketches. No specifications have been released yet.

It is noted that a lower center of gravity can significantly complicate cornering for electric vehicles. Many fans of this racing series are also wondering what will happen to the sound that traditional cars with internal combustion engines make? This is part of the fun of watching a rally.


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