Weird-looking Alphabet robots will be cleaning Google offices

Google's parent company Alphabet today announced that its Everyday Robots Project, a universal learning robot, has reached another milestone. The company has delivered some of the prototypes to the Google Bay Area campuses, where they will perform a number of simple tasks.

Weird-looking Alphabet robots will be cleaning Google offices

The robots in question will be cleaning. They are capable of performing tasks such as sorting trash, dusting flat surfaces, and more. The robots can move small objects like cups on their own and even open doors. These robots are a small tower on wheels, to which is attached a "arm" with a universal grip at the end. At the top of the tower there is a kind of "head" with cameras and sensors for realizing machine vision. On the side is a device similar to a rotating LiDAR, which is supposedly used for navigation.

Hans Peter Brondmo, head of Everyday Robots, says such robots were first used for sorting and recycling waste in 2019. The company promises that the new robots will be able to fully operate in "unstructured environments" such as homes and offices. That is, the devices presented by Alphabet are capable of performing atypical tasks, such as taking out trash, cleaning the kitchen or folding clothes.

Of course, this is a big step for robotics, but it is clear from the animated images that Alphabet has shared that the new robots are still very slow and inept at performing their assigned tasks. But what matters is that robots are tested “in the wild,” not in the laboratory. This will allow you to determine how effective they are in real conditions, and not in performing pre-programmed demonstration actions.


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