US International Trade Commission to consider Sonos v. Google case

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) announced its intention to consider the findings of the judge, who found Google guilty of infringement of five Sonos patents and subsequently recorded that the updated versions of the company's products were no longer visible.

ITC will consider only those findings of the judge that relate to two patents and related devices manufactured outside the United States - the department will have to determine whether the law is violated when they were brought into the country. The department will not consider the remaining issues in the judge's decision, however, the possible application of legal remedies remains in its competence - that is, a ban on the import of products. The final decision will be made on January 6th.

According to Sonos, Google gained access to its technology under the guise of a business partnership to integrate Google Play Music into Sonos products, but instead the search giant used patented solutions in its Home and Chromecast series products and in Pixel phones and laptops. Complainant's investors are closely following the work of ITC, viewing its activities in this case as a test of Sonos' ability to protect its intellectual property, protect its market from competitors, and create new sources of licensing revenue.

The case is being considered not only in the United States, but also in Europe, and a court in Germany has already found Sonos right . To some extent, Google itself recognized it, making changes to its own products to avoid further accusations. Two of the five patents include techniques for synchronizing sound reproduction and eliminating minor delays that the ear perceives as echoes. Others include ways to combine speakers for stereo sound, adjust the volume of one or a group of speakers with a single controller, and a way to connect to your home Wi-Fi network.


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