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Photo of the day: the raging world of Jupiter in the lens of the station "Juno"

 The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has presented a new image of Jupiter's turbulent atmosphere: several storms can be seen in the photo, as well as numerous bizarre formations.

The image was transmitted to Earth from the Juno station, which is designed to study the magnetic field and study the atmosphere of the largest planet in the solar system. The launch of the device was carried out in August 2011, and it reached the gas giant in July 2016.

The released photo was taken during the 36th rendezvous of "Juno" with Jupiter. The picture was taken from an altitude of about 27 thousand km from the upper boundary of the planet's atmosphere.

One of the most visible formations caught in the camera lens is a brown spot in the center of the frame: this is a vortex approximately 400 km across. Several more lesser storms can be seen next to it.

It should be added that the observation was carried out using the JunoCam telescope camera. This device is designed for high-resolution imaging of the exclusively polar region and the atmosphere of Jupiter. 

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