North Korean hackers launched an attack on Russian scientists and experts

The North Korean hacker group Kimsuky has recently been actively sending fake letters to Russian scientists and experts specializing in foreign policy issues related to the DPRK. This was reported by Kommersant with reference to a study by the American cybersecurity company Proofpoint.

Phishing emails are sent from fake addresses opened in the names of experts known in the Russian Federation. They contain a link, upon clicking on which a window appears for entering a username and password. According to the intention of the attackers, the recipient must enter their credentials, explained Alexey Pavlov, director of business development at the center for countering cyber attacks Solar JSOC "Rostelecom-Solar". 

The fact of mass mailing of fake letters on his behalf was confirmed to Kommersant by Georgy Toloraya, Executive Director of the National Committee for BRICS Research. He noted that his colleagues also suffered from this. 

Denis Kuvshinov, head of the threat research department at Positive Technologies, said that the company's specialists recorded Kimsuky attacks using Korean themes in August. According to him, the Kimsuky group has been conducting thematic attacks since 2018. In 2020, the targets of its attacks were Russian military and industrial organizations. The expert warned that Kimsuky could also connect infected computers to a botnet or gain access to crypto wallets.

According to experts, hackers are trying to gain access to valuable analytics and private mailings regarding diplomatic processes around the DPRK.


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