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Nintendo will spend up to $ 900 million on the development and acquisition of game studios

As part of its latest financial statement, Nintendo announced plans to spend up to $ 900 million to expand its in-house studios. She did not rule out mergers and acquisitions, but so far her own teams are in the spotlight.

Both Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment are very actively looking for new opportunities to enhance game development. So, they invest in their own studios, as well as buy or create new ones. Now it was Nintendo's turn.

In the report, a Nintendo spokesman said the company is looking to invest in scaling its own studios. “Our first priority is to organically expand our organization to continue Nintendo's creative culture ,” he said, adding that buying other studios is also possible.

In addition, Nintendo will take advantage of non-gaming entertainment opportunities that are directly related to the company's business. In the future, the platform holder should be expected to release software in various areas. “We will also be working on new video content following the Super Mario movie ,” he added.

Finally, Nintendo plans to spend an additional $ 2.7 billion to improve user experience and services, such as expanding the catalog of Nintendo Switch Online games, as well as building a new unique custom infrastructure, digital store and My Nintendo service.


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