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Military drone ROOK performs reconnaissance and transports the wounded [VIDEO]

Israeli defense firm Elbit Systems and American unmanned ground vehicles manufacturer Roboteam have unveiled their latest development, the ROOK UGV. It is a six-wheeled vehicle designed to perform tasks that could put soldiers in danger.

The ROOK weighs 1200 kilograms and can carry the same amount of weight. A ground clearance of 24 centimeters and a top speed of 30 km / h allow it to move over rough terrain. Rook can navigate pre-programmed routes while avoiding obstacles using the Elbit Torch-X RAS communication system. The drone can operate for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Additionally, the vehicle can be equipped with an on-board generator to power or charge other electrical devices in the field.

The new ROOK can track movement and follow soldiers in front of it, form a convoy with other transports, or be remotely controlled in real time. To do this, the drone operator will have a 7-inch weather-resistant portable tablet.

The ROOK can deliver supplies, evacuate the wounded, and carry out various intelligence gathering missions using a deployable multicopter. If necessary, the drone can be equipped with weapons. Convenient modular design allows damaged parts to be replaced on site without the need for specially trained technicians.


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