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British startup introduced a power bank for electric vehicles

 British startup ZipCharge has unveiled an innovative product for mobile charging of electric vehicles called ZipCharge Go, which is essentially a huge power bank. The novelty will allow users of cars on electric traction to always carry with them a supply of energy for emergencies, by analogy with a canister of fuel in the case of classic cars with internal combustion engines.

ZipCharge Go weighs up to 23 kg. The powerbank looks like a travel suitcase, and is equipped with wheels and a retractable handle for easy transport. ZipCharge claims that the device can provide a range of 32 km in 30 minutes of charging. This is enough to get to the nearest charging station or at least an outlet. In addition, the company is already working on a mobile charger that can provide a range of 65 km. The car power bank is compatible with all vehicles that use the Type 2 connector for charging. Users can use the proprietary ZipCharge application to control the charging process.

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