YouTube Music gets the most requested functionality. But there is a catch

YouTube Music gets the most requested functionality. But there is a catch

YouTube Music is a good alternative to Spotify for those who want to listen to your music. But at least until now, it only allowed you to play music for free if you had the screen turned on.

Listening to music with the screen turned off was a feature only available to YouTube Premium customers. With the latest change, this is an impediment that seems to have its days numbered.

YouTube Music now has free background music playback in Canada

)YouTube Music announced this Monday that it is now available for free background music playback. This will be available on November 3rd, but the only drawback is that it will only be in Canada at an early stage.

“This update will allow people to continue listening to YouTube Music while using other apps or when your screen is off. With this, you can interact with the YouTube Music app in an exciting radio experience, supported by advertisements”, reads a statement.

“The artists, songs and albums you love will be presented, plus custom mixes in random order, all without the hassle of keeping the YouTube Music app open on your device.”

What’s in it for this new feature

  • Listen to your music in the background
  • Enjoy continuous and random stations
  • Concentrate on what’s important
YouTube promises an expansion plan of this novelty, without revealing dated. It seems to be Google’s service trying to catch a train dominated by competitors like Spotify that have always offered this possibility.


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