Users spent nearly $ 34 billion on mobile apps in Q3 2021

According to the Sensor Tower platform, in the third quarter of this year, consumer spending on mobile applications amounted to $ 27, 6 billion, which is 15, an increase of 1% over the same period last year. The market for mobile applications continues to grow during the coronavirus pandemic, due to which the number of applications downloaded during the reporting period amounted to 35, 7 billion units

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Image: SensorTower

The growth in consumer spending is largely due to the increase in spending by users of the Google Play Store platform. Over the past three months, the owners of Android devices have brought the official Google store $ 13, 1 billion, which is 19, 6% more than recorded in third quarter of last year $ 13, 2 billion App Store users’ expenses are not so great, there is an increase at the level 15, 2%. Thus, App Store users spent $ 5 billion in the third quarter a year earlier, this indicator was only $ 21 billion. As in the previous observation periods, Apple platform users spent about 1.8 times more than Google digital content store users.

Изображение: SensorTower

In the reporting period, TikTok continued to be the most profitable app in the App Store and Play Layout. Consumer spending on TikTok and the Chinese-market version of Douyin for iOS grew by 451% yoy. In both stores, the number of downloads in the three-month period decreased by 1.9% to 41, 7 billion downloads.

Изображение: SensorTower

Image: SensorTower

According to Sensor Tower, the number of first downloads of applications from the App Store decreased by 1.2% to 8.1 billion downloads, from the Play Store – to 21, 6 billion downloads. Note that recently the number of downloads of the TikTok app exceeded the 3 billion mark, which was the first such success for a mobile product not owned by Facebook. Chinese company Tencent’s PUBG Mobile became the most profitable game in the third quarter. In addition, since the launch of PUBG, users have spent over $ 5 billion on the app. The game also became the most downloaded app in the third quarter.

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